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RUBACUORI Resort 2019

Fashion designer Angelo Cruciani returns to Rome with a bang after a 20-year absence, this time with his YEZAEL Collection.

With a performance fashion show, Yezael opened the Next Trend event organized by Banca Intesa Sanpaolo to promote emerging brands.

Screams and gunfire plus hands raised in surrender initiate the countdown. Model and actress Giulia Gallo opens the show wearing a long black forties diva dress made of jewels and a cascade of diamonds with the word LADRA (thief) across her breast, followed in quick succession by gold-covered parkas, sweatshirts and jackets exuding richness, together with lavishly adorned balaclavas and handcuffs instead of earrings. The bank robbers of Cruciani strut out of the bank vault covered in gold, wearing their spoils. The countdown ends and the show finishes with an explosion.


"I've always dreamed of being able to rob a bank... for fun, obviously," says the designer, "Intesa has allowed me to enjoy myself and bring irony to the catwalk, in a place where robbery is taboo."


Unusual writing on evening dresses, leather jackets and shirts for an extremely expensive, but street-inspired capsule collection: even the street can create Couture.

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