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Deep into the age of consumerism people are ready to sell themselves: self-promotion, self-marketing, selfie, sell, self.

Bar codes and QR codes to certify our origins, our value. People become luxury products. Everybody wants to be a STAR.

This is my age. Follow me, Love me, LIKE me... and become like me.

I'm READY to offer you the BEST of myself. Everyday I sell MYSELF!


For the new ironical collection called "MYSELLF", Angelo Cruciani plays with marketing to create a new, humorous and sexy collection where plastic becomes part of the philosophy to determine the style of the perfect future human.

Latex, vinyl, plastic, nylon, man-made fabrics and classic shapes are used to create an innovative contrast. Baroque and minimalism together; stiff fabrics and layered transparency.

Bar Codes, QR Codes, numbers and money, everything will be transformed into Business. 

Everybody turned into an Influencer, with Followers now considered as 'assets', we are ready to wear the new winners. 

Life is more and more competitive, but there is always room for new stars. 


A Supermarket of identities. Consumerism and luxury. Evolution. 

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