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Spring Summer 2020

After the rain, which nourishes the earth and cleans the air, the sky lights up with new perspectives, new colors and new hopes.

In Keqiao, China, 40 new looks walked the runway, inspired by positive thinking: the sky will be a metaphor for its nuances and its spectacular manifestations.

Angelo Cruciani has imagined a show where clothes and set design become a symbol of change: from difficulty to happiness.  The colors, from black tar to a fluorescent Fuxia, passing through the oil green and reflective gray, a range of a few selected tones on which develops a catwalk dedicated to a sophisticated public.

"Rain is for me a moment of poetry, a moment where water and life descend from the sky to give life to all of us, this magical and sometimes dark moment that creates beauty and I would like my ideas to be like: bringing life to those who wear them " Said the Designer The volumes in this collection are large, but not oversized: skirts that recall the French 1800s, T-shirts with shoulder pads, huge raincoats constructed with 7 meters of fabric each, evening dresses that have 200 meters of worked toulle. The fabrics chosen range from coated chiffon with a waterproof effect to Jacquard, Toulle, washed cotton and superlight nylon fabrics.

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