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Not a fashion show presenting a new collection, but a show of support for the evolution of the ideals of beauty. 

Angelo Cruciani's brand has remixed iconic pieces from every collection and every season, creating a look which can be described as a natural evolution of a multitude of ideas; only nature is capable of creating and accepting the idea of PERFECTION that we humans reduce to mere aesthetic stereotypes.  

Floral applications and harmonious colours on the catwalk, as if the body were a meadow awaiting the arrival of spring. 

The catwalk is no longer simply about articles of clothing, but rather a place where clothes can make a social statement and tell the story of a happier and more positive world, one of interaction and integration.


Angelo Cruciani has fought for the rights of the LGBT community for years, creating flash mobs such as Svegliatitalia (Wake up Italy) that have brought a million people out onto the streets or with positive messages like painting hearts on sidewalks. 


Beauty and perfection are in the eyes and heart of the beholder.

YEZAEL showed on February 27th, 2018, closing out Milan Fashion Week in an event sponsored by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, INCLUSIVE IS EXCLUSIVE, curated by Fondazione Vertical and Iulia Barton Agency.

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