Yezael by Angelo Cruciani

"Elegance is not perfection"

Yezael, founded by Angelo Cruciani in Milan in 2014, is the brand that explores the encounter between opposites.
A shining reinterpretation of the grunge style that, with an always-positive attitude, embraces today's world recalling the underground culture of the 90s. Apparently incompatible materials and textures come together, and industrial technology pairs to artisanal craftsmanship. 


I was 14 when NEVERMIND came out.

It was the year I was expelled from Conservatory and stopped playing piano: I wasn't made for rules, I modified Bach's music sheet and correct them to my taste.

It all began in the Eighties in the Marche countryside: from the patched trousers of a grandfather who was always on horseback and a grandmother who wanted to become a seamstress.

The radio played the songs of that group, Kurt Cobain seemed to be an angel fallen to earth to sing everything that we, without voice, without courage and without any audience, would never have had the courage to reveal.

The anti-hero become a hero. He was beautiful, the others acted like divas, Madonna was getting undressed, he was covering himself up: I loved them both because they were complementary, both fragile and aggressive.

Growing up I met fashion, from vintage to boutiques, from luxury to fast fashion, but I remained wild.

What Grunge left in me is the poetry that comes from suffering, the pursuit of what isn't born according to stereotypes, which seems dangerous and is just wounded.

The Rebel is the one who is not comfortable in the rules of the past: he needs new visions, he needs to create new perspectives to get out of the shadows.

The fault becomes a virtue

Yezael's grunge no longer tells us the children of the working class, but the contemporary kids of well-being in a new perspective. Glorious Grunge is the evolution of luxury based on uniqueness as a pivotal value that leaves behind the obsession with artificial perfection.

"Become as you are"

The Angel of the Encounter is the personification of the brand, made icon in its logo: the letter Y represents the fusion of two elements. Glorious Grunge enhances the human in its imperfections, which become the new protagonists. It gives a voice to a new generation of rebels who want to change the world, and reject the rules of the past to write their own.

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